Why Choose Group ESL Classes?

If you know someone who struggles with English, you may be wondering how to help. Luckily, group ESL classes are available and help many adults learn English. If you would like to know more, check out these three benefits of a group ESL class.

1. Improve Communication Skills

By learning English, your loved one will be able to better communicate with people in the community, and they will better understand what the community is trying to communicate to them. For example, if your loved one can't understand English, they can't read warning signs or safety instructions. If an emergency does come up, they may not be able to communicate with police or emergency workers unless there is someone who can translate.

Even learning a little English will help your loved one better navigate the community. Plus, they will be able to voice their own concerns and thoughts. Not only does this make them feel more included in the community, but it also gives them the power to be self-sufficient.

2. Retain Family Roles

When it comes to kids, they often know English better than their parents. This is because they learn English in school and because kids pick up language faster than adults. However, this creates an odd dynamic in which the child is often translating for the parent, which can affect family structure and roles.

When the parent can speak also speak English, they don't have to rely on their child to navigate the world. Plus, they can better communicate with teachers and other adults about their child.

3. Widen Employment Opportunities

Your loved one may be able to find a job that doesn't require English but learning English can drastically widen employment opportunities. Not only do they have a better chance of finding a higher paying job with more room for growth, but they can find a job they actually enjoy.

In some cases, not knowing English may prevent your loved one from getting a job for which they are highly qualified. Being able to get a better job can also help your loved one become more self-sufficient.

A group ESL class is a great idea for anyone who doesn't speak English. Having a group of people who understands their struggles can really help your loved one thrive. By learning English, your loved one can better thrive in life. If you would like to know more, look into organizations that offer group ESL classes, such as the Atlanta International Language Institute (AILI).